Aim Motorsport EPM Power Distribution Interface Module - MXS MXG MXP

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The Aim EPM is designed to be used with current Aim Dashes, expanding them to a PDM enabling easy replacement of traditional fuse and relays.

The EPM offer an easier solution by distributing power to multiple circuits in your vehicle directly from the Aim Dash.

With 8 high side outputs, the Aim EPM becomes central to your vehicles electronics system. This gives you greater control and simplifies the wiring harness and electronic installations.

Housed in an anodised billet aluminium case, the PDM is designed to handle the rigours of Motorsport and includes a complete professional data logger and internal dash controller.


Easy Replacement of Traditional Fuse and Relay Systems.

Technical Specification:


  • 8 integrated freely configurable RGB LED's
  • 1 PDM status
  • 1 PDM <<on>>


  • Pullup +12V, +5V, analog/digital
  • Pulldown

Power outputs:

  • 8 rated up to 20 A, 1 with serie diode
  • Protected for: over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature
  • Total max current: 120 A

CAN connections: 1 AiM CAN Bus
Connectors:1 AMP connector + 1 Amphenol Surlok connector
Body: Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions: 122.0 x 94.6 x 46.1 mm
Weight:400 g

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