Aim Motorsport VIM Pre Configured Vehicle Interface Module

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The VIM Pre Configured Vehicle Interface Module is manufactured in the UK by Aim Technologies. The Vehicle Interface Module VIM is a small compact input device, providing a simple way to input voltage signals to the dash.The module allows for connection of lights, left and right indicators, dipped beam, main beam, hazard warning, in fact up to 14 independent voltage inputs, that are then sent to the display or logger through the CAN II stream, allowing you to turn on the symbols or lights on the display.

The VIM Expansion adds up to 14 freely configurable analog channels without occupying or modifying any of the existing system channels, leaving them free for anything else. This simply goes next to the fuse box, and picks up the 12v signal to the light to turn the lights on the dash on. It leaves the 4 analog ones free, if needed in the future Connection Examples

By using advanced CAN technology, wiring is simplified from four cables into just a single connection, thereby reducing possible and unnecessary points of failure.

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