Aim Smartycam HD 67 or 84 Deg & Solo 2 DL With Double Bracket Trackday Race Car kit

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The Aim Smartycam HD and Solo 2 DL with Double Bracket Trackday Kit combines the Solo2 DL data logging lap timer with the SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1 camera so you can see, at a glance, all the data you need to improve driver and vehicle performance. The Aim Track Day Kit is perfect for competitive race testing or track days

  • Two Lense options
  • Capture footage and lap data in one Ideal tool to improve lap times
  • Log ECU data
The Solo 2 DL is the data logging version of the Solo which means it can connect to your engine ECU using either CAN or OBDII (both are included in the kit) giving you all the performance data from your engine along with stunnung video footage that you can revue then next day using Race Studio free software. The Solo 2 DL offers highly accurate GPS and GLONASS technology providing the driver with key information such as lap times, lap count, and even predictive lap times.
Remembering all of the important moments from your session can be very difficult. With the SmartyCam HD you can record your entire session in high definition. A high quality CMOS sensor also provides outstanding video quality and stability for later review. Setting up is easy using the LCD screen on the front of the unit to ensure the best possible angle.
The Aim Track day Kit offers a compact, easy to install solution and includes windscreen and roll cage mount2s to hold both the Solo 2 and SmartyCam HD on either windscreen or dashboard, or by fixing to a roll bar. This also allows for easy transfer from vehicle to vehicle.Both the data recorded from the Solo 2 and the video from the SmartyCam HD can also be combined in the Aim Race Studio 3 software, allowing you to review your driving and compare it with data such as speed, G-forces, throttle position and more. This acts as a performance tool to assist you in improving your driving skills by providing a visual reference for driving lines and technique.
The Kit Includes: Solo2 DL with both CAN and OBDII connection leads, SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1 with 67 or 84 degree lens, roll cage and suction cup mount, 4Gb memory card, USB memory stick, all required wiring and mounting hardware - UK plug included.memory card, USB memory stick, all required wiring and mounting hardware - UK plug included

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