DTA fast STC Drive By Wire DBW Throttle Controller

DTA fast STC Drive By Wire DBW Throttle Controller

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The S Series Throttle Controller (STC) is a comprehensive drive by wire controller for DC motor driven throttle valves.

Compatible with most throttle pedal and throttle body combinations on the market, the STC is designed to work in parallel with an S series engine ECU providing a multitude of safety features recognising the multiple number of potential failures of individual components.

Product features

Safety Features

Multiple safety features to ensure any failure is recognised, and limp mode enabled

Uses all four pedal and butterfly potentiometers to continuously monitor performance


Pre-programmed with numerous pedal and body combinations

Works with Jenvey ETA throttle body actuator


Complete range of diagnostics available using the TCWin software

Error conditions logged and displayed both in TCWin and using a warning light


Down shift throttle blipping without the need for a mechanical device

Idle control

Alter butterfly angle to pedal position for non-linear opening characteristics

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