FORD Escort RS Turbo CVH Series 2 Suspension Performance Bush Bushes & Engine Mounts - POWERFLEX

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Powerflex Road Series : Ford Road & Fast Road Use

Powerflex Heritage Collection : For Modern Day Classic

Powerflex Black Series: For Track & Motorsport Use

All Prices are for a Set for a Car. 

 Fitment: Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 2

Please Note:

  • The Series 2 RS Turbo has a left hand threaded nut fitted to the right hand side of the of the Anti Roll Bar - See vehicle diagram.  
  • The inner track control arm bush on the RST S2 uses a bearing type joint. As a result, no replacement bush is available.
  • Fitting PFR19-207 means there is no need to replace the whole arm as there is no standard replacement available from Ford.

 Part No: 

  • PFF19-201 / PFF19-201BLK -  Front Outer Track Control Arm
  • PFF19-205 PFF19-205BLK - Front Anti Roll Back Mount 24mm
  • PFF19-199 / PFF19-199H / PFF19-199BLK - Front Top Shock Absorber
  • PFF19-203 / PFF19-203BLK - Rear Tie to Wishbone
  • PFR19-207 / PFR19-207BLK - Rear Inner Wishbone
  • PFR19-210-16 / PFR19-210-16BLK - Rear Anti Roll Bar Mount 16mm
  • PFR19-211 /  PFR211BLK - Rear tie bar to chassis 
  • EXH001 - Exhaust Mounts

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