SCS Delta 800 ECU

SCS Delta 800 ECU

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20x faster than its predecessor, with more features and more inputs the SCS Delta 800 is the most flexible ECU we have ever made. Using the latest processor and hardware designs it is able to decode all types of trigger pattern, features 2 channel DSP knock sensors, dual drive by wire and bipolar outputs for steppers and high side drivers. A true cutting edge engine control system for an incredible price.

Hardware Specifications

High performance 32 bit e200z335 core processor @ 80Mhz - Power Architecture Book E

Dedicated Time Processor Unit for core independent angle based signal processing

1.5Mb FLASH memory

8 x Injector outputs

8 x Ignition outputs software selected Loic level or IGBT power

13 x Low side outputs 3A

2 x H-bridge outputs 5A current limiting

2 x DSP Knock inputs with programmable gain

4 x Hall effect digital inputs

10 x Linear analogue input

5 x Lambda analogue input

2 x CAN 2.0B channels

1 x 500mA sensor supply outputs

4 x Bipolar outputs

Internal Baro Sensor

5 x VR/Hall effect digital inputs software selected

All protected against short circuit with feedback for short/open circuit diagnosis

2 x 35 way AMPseal connectors

Bespoke ABS Enclosure

100% Surface Mount Technology

6-18V Operating Voltage

Internal monitoring of battery voltage, reference supply voltages and ECU temperature

Suitable for engine bay mounting

Size: 160x160x35mm Weight: 449g


Software Specifications

Intuitive Bespoke Real Time Calibration Tool using micro USB CAN interface Dongle

Up to 8 cylinders Direct Ignition and Sequential Injection

Up to 12 cylinders wasted spark and sequential injection

Engine logbook recording vital engine statistics

Wide range of original equipment tripper patterns supported

32 x 32 Variable Breakpoint fuel and ignition main maps.

Alpha-N speed density or Hypbrid alpha-N with MAP correction load input

Maximum engine speed breakpoints up to 16,500rpm

Individual cylindr trim maps for both fuel and ignition

Stereo closed loop fueling control (Narrowband or Wideband) with Lambda auto mapping

User configurable hard and soft engine speed limiters as a function of coolant temperature.

User selectable OEM CAN output to drive original equipment dashboards and EPAS systems

Comprehensive transient fueling control

Closed loop boost control with overboosting fuel cut protection and gear offsets

Comprehensive enviromental corrections for fueling and ignition

Cranking and cold start Enrichment maps

Overrun fuel cut-off strategy

Closed loop idle speed control for both ignition and idle aur bypass valve

Variable camshaft timing control for up to 4 camshafts

All sensor inputs are user configurable

VTEC cam switching control

Configurable shift Lamp control

Comprehensive Launch control, switched or fully automatic

Pit lane speed limiter

Closed or open loop gear cut switch or direct GCU Input, full ignition cut or ignition retard

Map switching for fuel, ignition, boost and drive-by-wire

NOS control with fuel compensation

4 Cylinder staged Injection

Air conditioning clutch control with two stage fans

Traction control with driver controlled slip setting

DBW Throttle blipper for downshift rev matching

'Smart charge' Alternator control

Individual cylinder knock control

Dual CAN-BUS for OEM intergration and Motorsport dashboard/loggers

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