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Brands Hatch Performance, Became one of Link Engine Management UK Premier dealers in 2016. We Supply the best Pre & Post Sales Support & Shipping Worldwide. Our ECU Fitting Centre is Located Close to Brands Hatch Race Circuit.

Link Engine Management UK - Link ECU

Every Link ECU offers an amazing upgrade from the factory stock or older aftermarket ECU’s that have been around a while, re-designed in 2015 with the latest automotive chipsets and manufactured by TYCO a world leader in electronics for Link ECU, you will get the best automotive electronics available when you buy any ECU in the range, from the most basic Link Atom to the massively powerful Thunder.

More and more customers are asking us to trade back in recently purchased ECU’s for one of the higher end ECU’s Like the Storm, Fury and Thunder and here is why.

Link Engine Management - Link ECU G4+ Storm - Brands Hatch Performance

All the Link ECU’s run the same processor, the only real difference is the amount of inputs and outputs they have and also if they support Lambda and Electronic Throttle (DBW) directly.We are always explaining the advantages of adding various sensors and having all the data in one place (I.e. not in external add ons) that way you can make decisions on improvements and Engine protection, based on facts and not guesswork. So for example adding oil pressure and fuel pressure sensors for much improved engine protection. Or fuel temp and pressure with direct pump speed control. 

The cost of the Link ECU’s are all at an amazing affordable price compared to similar specification MOTEC ECU’s and come with all Motorsport strategies fully unlocked ( no expensive extra licences). (£620 - £1900)

One design point of the Link G4+ platform is that you can buy the most basic ECU (Atom) and then plug any other ECU into the same loom and run it on the same map, thus making upgrade easy.

Once you realise how easy the software is to use you will soon be running a tablet in car learning about how things work and how easy you can make improvements. It really does de mystify the ‘magic box’

If your looking for an engine management system and want the best in class advice and pre and post sales support or want to progress a custom installation into a project plan please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Link Engine Management specialists on 01474 850666
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Decide you should have purchased an ECU with more features?
1 Month -Upgrade for the price difference!
6 Months - Upgrade for the price difference +15%
1+ Year - Upgrade for the Price difference +35%
Previous Generation - Upgrade for 60% of retail.

Lifetime Warranty - unlike most other makes of ECU's your new Link ECU is protected from failure for life.

0% Finance available, easy online application, (Finance only available on RRP).

Link Engine Management UK - Link ECU - Brands Hatch PerformanceBrands Hatch Performance Link Engine management - Link ECU

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