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Top tech wastegates with sizes for every application.

Boost controllers

Boost controllers are used to increase the boost being generated by the turbocharger, above what the wastegate would normally allow with its designed spring pressure/rate. Additional features are designed into the electrical units we produce, but the basic function is primarily to increase the boost level.

Fuel pressure Regulator's

Turning the screw clockwise will increase your base pressure and anti-clockwise will decrease base pressure. Ensure that when setting the base pressure the vacuum hose is disconnected and blocked and that the reference nipple is open to atmosphere.

Blow-Off And Bypass Valves

Our “Dual Port” valves split the compressed air being released, recirculating a portion of the air back into the intake tract and releasing the remaining air into the atmosphere. A “Supersonic” valve vents 100% of the compressed air charge to the atmosphere. A “Plumb Back” valve recirculates 100% of the compressed air charge back into the intake tract.